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2Feb 2017

Field Sales Management

Your selling activities take place outside your office. You have a large sales staff in the field. There are sales hierarchies that you have set up. There are team leads, area sales managers, regional sales managers etc. Each of them are hungry for reports form the field. They want to know the geography covered, the orders booked, their travel plans, the feedback from customers, competitive information etc. The field sales staff too want information from their offices. They want pricing, schemes, stocks, targets, product brochures, videos to name a few.


What better tool can you use for these than METAL field sales automation tool.


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2Feb 2017

Application Performance Management

The cornerstone of software quality is automation and performance. Why does performance of software systems mean so much, to so many?

Performance issues creep in slowly over a period of time. Irrespective whether it is an ERP or financial or HR or sales application in any domain; be it manufacturing, government, healthcare, social a “poor performance” will lead to disastrous consequences in the form of  huge financial losses and sometimes, loss of human life.

CIOs and CTOs invest heavily in application performance management to prevent precisely  these kinds of catastrophic incidents.


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