1. Simple Logic



A Mobile App for Consultative & Concept Sales

  • Account Details

    No more excel sheets needed for list of accounts, contact details, addresses etc. These information will not only be in the palm of your hands but also, with easy to access tools.

  • Repository of Leads

    Repository of all leads in one system for everyone in the hierarchy to see and advice, and contribute to closure. Thus increase your business by the power of knowledge of leads.

  • Repository of Opportunities

    Visibility of all opportunities in the hierarchy so that teams can help the right fitment of products and thus ensure higher probability of closure and more satisfied customer.

  • Follow Up Reminders

    Your assistant to remind you of your follow ups and appointments.

  • Hot Cases

    Focusing on hot high revenue customers.

  • Targets

    No more calculation of how much targets achieved and the remaining targets.

  • Coverage

    Geographic view of areas covered. It can help the management to visually decide on the geographic spread that you require

  • Repository of Interactions

    Repository of all customer interactions

  • Prioritise

    Auto alerts for potential opportunities

Applicable For Your Business

If you are in the business similar to the examples listed below where your team sell to retailers as well as institutions, this is a ready product for you.

  • Banking
  • IT Software Vendors
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Lab equipment
  • IT Services or System Integrators
  • Chemical
  • Equipment for Industrial Application
  • High Tech Equipment
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Manufacturers
  • Marketing Companies
  • And more



Multi Capability

Help team achieve their goals. Visibility of all opportunities can help the right fitment of products. You are likely to have a closer hold of your opportunities if you keep up with the follow ups. Specially if there are reminders for your follow ups and appointments. Focusing on hot high revenue customers are important. Therefore, based on stages of each opportunity the system prompts you to focus on the ones which are likely to close. The team heads can contribute to these cases as the information is available online.

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