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Unix Management

Customize your hosted or remote Unix managed services.
Unix managed services provides you the option to keep your equipment at your location or utilize the space, power and hardware within the First National Data Center.

Unix operating systems are business critical which is why the support behind it must be mission critical. With guaranteed uptime, disaster recovery options and security measures in place your Unix operating system couldn’t be trusted to anyone else in the industry.

Find out how managed services can benefit your Unix environment – and don’t forget to ask about the Unix cloud option.

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  • Unix outsourcing options include:

    • Fully virtualized Unix systems hosted on our equipment in our data center
    • Hosting on your equipment in our data center
    • Remote Unix managed services – your equipment at your location managed by us
  • Unix managed services include:

    • Patching administration and server management
    • 24/7 proactive performance monitoring
    • Troubleshooting and recommendations
  • Additional services are available and include:

    • Disk backup and offsite storage
    • Storage replication for redundancy and high availability purposes
    • SAN storage alternatives
    • Network infrastructure design and management

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