Application infrastructure middleware (AIM) is software that acts as an intermediary between other applications or devices. AIM is used in the context of public, hybrid, or private cloud computing for cloud enablement of existing and new applications. For example, it is possible to turn existing custom applications into Software as a Service applications with all the complex software architecture handled by platform middleware. One of the best ways to understand middleware is to look at specific examples that weren’t built for the cloud, but which many cloud services currently incorporate. These examples include:


This type of middleware is an infrastructure that supports the receiving and sending of messages over distributed applications. It enables applications to be disbursed over various platforms and makes the process of creating software applications spanning many operating systems and network protocols much less complicated. It holds many advantages over middleware alternatives (e.g. hard coding logic) and is one of the most widely used types of middleware.


Object middleware, also called an object request broker, gives applications the ability to send objects and request services via an object oriented system. In short, it manages the communication between objects.


An RPC is exactly what it sounds like. It calls procedures on remote systems and is used to perform synchronous or asynchronous interactions between applications or systems. It is usually utilized within a software application.


This type of middleware allows for direct access to databases, providing direct interaction with them. There are many database gateways and connectivity options. You simply have to see what will work best for your necessary solution. This is the most general and commonly known type of middleware. This includes SQL database software.


This type of middleware includes applications like transaction processing monitors. It also encompasses web-application servers. These types of middleware are becoming more and more common today.


This refers to enterprise portal servers. It is considered middleware because portals facilitate front-end integration. They are used to create interactions between a user’s computer or device and back-end systems and services.


This type of middleware allows for communication and integration services with an interface of software or firmware. It acts as a liaison between embedded applications and the real-time operating system.


This type of middleware allows you to abstract specific content without worrying how it is obtained. This is done through a simple provide / consume abstraction. It is similar to publish / subscribe middleware, which is another type of this software that is often used as a part of web-based applications.

Application Middleware Management Services

Simple Logic offers application middleware management services that address the middleware spectrum. We provide middleware support operations, integration and automation, middleware performance and capacity management. We also offer middleware security management and middleware consolidation and transformation services.

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  • Proven expertise:

    We leverage the in-house expertise and synergies between application development and maintenance (ADM) and Infrastructure Services to improve the problem resolution turn-around time.

  • Alliances and partnerships:

    We leverage our partnerships and alliances to bring in superior technology solutions, industry best practices, and cross organizational expertise

  • Research and Development (R&D) investments:

    Simple Logic has invested in R&D initiatives and Innovation Labs and leverages this ready infrastructure to demonstrate Proofs of Concept and transformational solutions, enabling clients to gain a preview of the solution.


Support Operations:

  • Middleware server monitoring and administration
  • Message queue administration
  • Message Broker administration
  • SOA service monitoring and administration
  • Big Data infrastructure architecture management

Integration and Automation:

  • Middleware build operation.
  • Middleware version migration.
  • Middleware fix-pack deployment.
  • Middleware vendor product migration support.
  • Operations automation script.
  • Big Data cluster setup and management.
  • Big Data governance.

Performance and Capacity Management:

  • Middleware server performance monitoring and reporting.
  • Middleware server capacity planning and reporting.
  • Middleware server performance fine-tuning.
  • Big Data infrastructure optimization.

Security Management:

  • Authentication and authorization management.
  • Security certificate management.
  • XML Server Gateway Administration.
  • Big Data security architecture and implementation.

Consolidation and Transformation:

  • Infrastructure impact assessment.
  • Creating and/or validating transformation roadmap.
  • Refine and implement Middleware transformation.
  • Big Data adoption strategy.



With Simple Logic’ Application Middleware Management Services, you gain the following:-

Enhanced application performance:

  • Actively monitor and identify incidents and take remedial action to ensure application availability, in compliance with industry performance standards.
  • Promote transparency of Middleware operations with our robust governance model and reporting metrics.

Increased operational efficiency:

  • Reduce manual dependencies by automating operational activities to increase organizational efficiency.
  • Eliminate internal redundancies and streamline Middleware management with our Performance Management services delivered from a centralized location.

Digitized Middleware landscape:

  • Leverage new technologies and drive IT transformation to further your organization’s digitization initiatives.
  • Accelerate your adoption of Big Data with our comprehensive framework addressing processes, methods, guidelines, best practices, tools and utilities.

Reduced overheads:

  • Consolidate your Middleware infrastructure to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Realize the power of the cloud – transition from a conventional Data Center to a hosted model.

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