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19Jan 2017

Streamline your Sales with ‘METAL’ – the wonder application

In today’s world, businesses are expanding from local to national to international. With this raises multiple workforce demands across the globe. Managing a business is not a cake walk when it comes to handling people and especially with a huge team, it becomes very difficult.

Let’s understand this with a case study:
AMFG is well established and a renowned firm, dealing in pharmaceuticals. It is a strong sales oriented business module. The company has 1000 sales personnel, Pan India. Imagine efficiently managing such a huge manpower base. A mammoth task indeed. Obviously, there were problems. Let’s take a look at the problems the company faced.

• Manually entering data and constant repetition of the process as new data would get generated
• Lack of coordination among sales personnel and management
• Location issues
• Tracking data in case of return orders, damaged goods, expenses, competitor’s stock and customer feedbacks and more

The company was looking for a solution that would make their life easy and allow tracking of their workforce and to resolve the above issues. After detailed discussions with the relevant software company, a solution was derived. This solution came in the form of a specialized software called METAL.
METAL is an android based application program built on Java. The “WOW” factor of this user-friendly software is that it can work offline. It’s a cloud-based application and a well configured Process Management Tool. The application is designed to take care of your salesforce and end-to-end sales management which enables to drive the business to the next level.
With all these features, is it expensive? No…It’s Affordable
Now, to understand some features of this user-friendly application:

• Organizes your customers’ data, commissions processing, orders, contracts and more
• Data is systematically stored to enable quick accessibility of sales information
• Allows you to automate production orders, resource planning, materials workflow, expenses, scheduling and quality control
• Increases efficiency of production and workforce

Asset Location Management:
• Be aware of the exact location of your company’s assets, tools, equipments, inventory and field service crews
• It helps keep track of company’s assets and take wise decisions regarding any faulty asset
Project Management.
• Our intelligent software processing system allows you to optimize project planning, process flow, costing, document control, resource planning, and task management.

The best part is, this application is not location specific. For instance, a sales personnel in Gujarat can track his orders sitting in Mumbai.
To add to these features, this intelligent application also takes cares of all the necessary Quality, Health and Safety parameters, thus proving to be a boon to manufacturing businesses and service industries, across sectors.

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